YUP! ultra-filtered chocolate milk and Onion Labs, the creative services division of Onion Inc. today announced a whole lot of nothing–that’s right nada, zilch, zip–and it’s all happening for one momentous and possibility filled hour on April 1 at the Nothing Zone, located near The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

For one hour, #NothingHour, YUP! is encouraging young people to take an hour of their busy, socially-driven lives to just waste some time and do what they really want to do, not what they have to do. Want to juggle peaches? YUP! says go for gold. Care to start a good ol’ fashioned stare down? YUP! says don’t blink. Whatever ‘nothing’ means to you, count on us to give it two thumbs (y)up.


“At YUP!, we take ‘Nothing’ very seriously and we are excited to bring the first ever ‘Nothing Hour’ celebration to the Atlanta community,” said Ankica Runac, Brand Manager for YUP! ultra-filtered milk. “We encourage teens and young adults to take an hour for themselves, which is a great way to rebalance and make time for yourself.”

The official celebration will take place on Saturday, April 1 from 3:00-4:00 PM, ET. The event will be held at an oasis of nothing featuring tasty YUP! ultra-filtered chocolate milk, energy pods, hammocks, ping pong and so much more. In addition, Headkrack from Rickey Smiley Morning Show and Hot 107.9 will be giving away prizes including tickets to see The Weeknd.

To RSVP to the #NothingHour celebration, see how others are celebrating, and get more information visit Facebook.com/yupmilk and join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.