Fusion Media Group and The California Endowment Release New Podcast "The Brave" to Spotlight a New Generation of Activists

Fusion Media Group in partnership with The California Endowment today announced the release of “The Brave: Rise Up As One,” a new podcast series that showcases an up and coming generation of activists in California who are advancing justice by strengthening the bonds of solidarity between seemingly disparate…

The Root Announces 2018 Young Futurist List Recognizing The 25 Young African-American Leaders Shaping Our Future

The Root, the premier news and culture publication for black America, is proud to unveil its 2018 class of Young Futurists, a distinction reserved for the best and brightest young African Americans, ages 15 to 22. The seventh edition of the annual list shines a light on the efforts and achievements of 25 rising stars…

Journalist Nelufar Hedayat Uncovers The Shocking Truth Behind The Water We Drink And The Food We Eat In New FUSION Docuseries

It’s no surprise that Instagram posts of beautiful meals and reviews of the world’s best restaurants have become an increasingly popular means of self-expression. But the beauty of that plated perfection is in complete contrast to the scary truths behind the global food industry—an industry that is uncovered in “Food