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Throughout the holiday season FUSION will be airing a new animated special “Dreaming of the Whitest Christmas” to mark the first Christmas with the Trump family in the White House. The satirical special re-imagines several holiday classics with a Trump twist:

  • Adolf the Alt-Right Reindeer and Friends: The Easter bunny makes a guest appearance at the North Pole to tell all the children of the world how things are run there.
  • Trumpy the Snowman: Frosty is out this year, but have no fear, Trumpy (the climate change denying Snowman) is here.
  • The Book of Donald: Donald Trump is putting “Christ” back into Christmas–wait, isn’t Jesus a foreign name? With the wise men banned from entering the country, Trump will have to find new messengers.
  • A Trump Christmas Carol: This holiday season, Donald Trump will relive the classic Charles Dickens novel in a not-so-classic way. But it will be HUGE.

The half-hour television special “Dreaming of the Whitest Christmas” premiered Sunday and is repeating throughout the coming month. Check out clips below:


To find out when “Dreaming of the Whitest Christmas” is airing and where you can watch FUSION by visiting

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