Fusion Media Group in partnership with The California Endowment today announced the release of “The Brave: Rise Up As One,” a new podcast series that showcases an up and coming generation of activists in California who are advancing justice by strengthening the bonds of solidarity between seemingly disparate communities, cultures, and causes.

Hosted by the comedian and social commentator Felonious Munk, “The Brave” stands as an antidote to the daily barrage of divisive rhetoric emanating from our screens and speakers, lifting up the stories of real people who are discovering strength in solidarity and common cause with one another. “The Brave,” which premieres today, will be released weekly and available across a range of platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Google Play.

Episode descriptions and release schedule for the nine-episode series below:

  • Ivan Ceja: Organizing 2.0 (release: Wed, Apr 18) - Ivan Ceja, the founder of Undocumedia, is a powerhouse for engaging youth through social media, leveraging his platform and story to bring awareness and ignite activism on issues impacting the undocumented community.
  • Bambadjan Bamba: Hollywood Dreamer (release: Wed, Apr 25) - Bambadjan Bamba is an Ivorian-born actor and activist who “came forward” in 2017 as undocumented.
  • Alicia Garza: Connecting Movements (release: Wed, May 2) - Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, sees an opportunity now for a generation of activists to dramatically re-shape our world. And she’s not waiting around for someone else to do it.
  • Gabrielle and Amanda Gorman: Sisters in Art, Life, & Activism (release: Wed, May 9) - Gabrielle and Amanda Gorman have been using their own platforms, poetry and film, to share their experiences as young black women and explore the importance of intersectionality in social progress.
  • Rida Hamida: ‘California Girl’ in a Pink Hijab (release: Wed, May 16) - Rida Hamida is a pink hijab wearing first-generation Palestinian-American Muslim woman who helped launch a project called “Taco Trucks at Every Mosque.”
  • Yeimi Lopez: Healing for Change (release: Wed, May 23) - Yeimi Lopez is an undocumented farmer and community organizer in Sacramento working with the ANSWER Coalition.
  • Dean Welliver: Standing with Queer Youth in California’s Heartland (release: Wed, May 30) - Dean Welliver is a youth organizer in Bakersfield with the Dolores Huerta Foundation and journalist for South Kern Sol, organizing around LGBTQ youth issues in Kern County.
  • DJ Ome and Alicia Olivarez: Ritmos sin fronteras (release: Wed, June 6) - Omequetzal Lopez and Alicia Olivarez are the co-Founders of Dulce Upfront and Fres.Co, a collective of artists and activists who have used their Fres.Co collective to organize more than 60 actions and events celebrating cultural and age diversity.
  • The Brave: Live in Sacramento (release: Wed, June 13) - On April 25th, 2018 the brave men and women featured on the podcast come together to share their stories and reflect on the importance of solidarity today.


The premiere of “The Brave: Rise Up As One” on April 18 will be followed by a live podcast event on April 25 at Beatnik Studios in Sacramento, California, hosted by Felonious Munk and featuring guests from the podcast including Ivan Ceja, OméDJ, Bambadjan Bamba and Yeimi Lopez. Speakers will discuss the role of solidarity movements in the future of our democracy, and how a new generation of activists in California are advancing justice by strengthening the bonds between seemingly disparate communities, cultures, and causes. More information can be found here. Information can also be found via Facebook and on the event page.

When: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 6:00pm

Where: Beatnik Studios: 723 S Street Sacramento, CA 95811

Tickets: Free

Food & music at 6pm, Program 7-8:30pm

“The Brave” was developed by the young reporters of Rise Up: Be Heard, a journalism program that provides training, mentorship, technology, and a publishing platform to youth living in California’s most diverse and underserved communities. As members of the very communities they cover, Rise Up: Be Heard reporters bring on-the-ground perspectives to some of the most important health and social justice issues of today. Rise Up: Be Heard is part of Univision and Fusion Media Group’s social impact division and is supported through a partnership with The California Endowment.


Media Contact: Mariana Garces / mariana.garces@thefmg.com