Gillette® to Serve as Launch Partner for New Editorial Destination From the Editors of Deadspin and Kotaku

The Fusion Media Group (FMG) today announced the launch of COMPETE, a new esports vertical from the editors of Deadspin and Kotaku. COMPETE is a new editorial destination that will tackle esports with the same discerning, probing, and relatable style that readers have come to expect of Deadspin and Kotaku. The new vertical includes groundbreaking editorial coverage, compelling video series, and a never-been-done esports event. Visit COMPETE here.

Gillette®, the world’s leading male grooming brand, has joined with COMPETE as its launch partner, further establishing Gillette’s commitment to the eSports community. The partnership will include custom exclusive custom content opportunities from the award-winning Studio@Gizmodo team.

COMPETE is led by Deadspin Editor-in-Chief Tim Marchman and Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Stephen Totilo. For nearly a decade, Deadspin has been breaking down professional sports in ways that make even the most complicated nuances of pro-sports fun and accessible to readers. Kotaku has cemented itself as the web’s premier video game site, breaking big news and going behind the scenes of gaming culture with a tenacity that’s unrivaled in the industry.


COMPETE will have dedicated staff and will also leverage the writing talent of Deadspin and Kotaku. Eric Van Allen joins COMPETE as an esports writer who’s passionate about covering the human interest stories in a growing competitive gaming industry. He has covered gaming for Paste Magazine, ESPN Esports, Waypoint, Gaming Trend, Playboy and IGN. Maddy Myers joins COMPETE from The Mary Sue where she served as an editor. Maddy previously has contributed to a range of publications including Paste Magazine, Bloomberg Technology and Boston Phoenix. Her writing has also appeared at Offworld, iMore, Kill Screen, re/Action, The Border House, Slice of MIT and MIT Technology Review.

“At Kotaku, we prefer to cover video games as they exist in people’s lives, when people are playing them and doing amazing things in them. That means we should be all over esports, too. So, after years of dabbling with the occasional esports highlights and deep dives into Smash Bros. or League of Legends, we’re getting serious by hiring our first-ever full-time esports reporting team and by daring to share editorial oversight with our sister-site Deadspin in the process. Some might say this is the nerds teaming up with the jocks, but we think it’d be rude to call Deadspin nerds,” said Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo.



“This partnership reflects Gillette’s decade long commitment to the world of sports, and we could not have found a better partner than FMG to expand into eSports. Gamers at all levels recognize the importance of precision – split seconds and minute movements make big differences. We get that obsession with precision better than anyone, and are looking forward to supporting players at the elite level as well as those looking to level up in their everyday gameplay together with COMPETE,” said Pankaj Bhalla, Brand Director, Gillette North America.


“Esports is no longer a niche interest, but rather a full blown phenomenon in the world of sports. And to have a launch partner like Gillette, with such a rich history in sports marketing and partnerships, proves that point. They quickly understood the value of the rapidly-growing and hyper-engaged audience that COMPETE will serve,” said Mia Libby, SVP, Advertising Sales for FMG.