Fusion Media Group (FMG) today unveiled its first full slate of podcasts, including offerings from Jezebel, Fusion, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Deadspin and The A.V. Club. Episodes are distributed through a partnership with Panoply and are currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and Spotify among other platforms. The slate of podcasts are also featured in the NPR One app.

“The Fusion Media Group includes a collection of conversational media brands that cover a range of topics our audience is incredibly passionate about. Our goal is to take the smart, irreverent voices of our brands and extend them across more platforms and formats—from television to podcasts,” said Daniel Eilemberg, President of FUSION who also oversees digital video and audio production for FMG.

Mandana Mofidi, Executive Director of Audio for Fusion Media Group, oversees development and production for the FMG’s podcasts in collaboration with the editorial teams of each site. Mandana helped launch VICE’s podcasting operations before coming to FUSION TV as a senior producer in the documentary unit. Additionally, she has extensive experience producing for CBS News Radio, ABC News Radio, and Pacifica Radio Network.

The current slate of podcasts includes a combination of new shows and returning favorites:

  • THE UPGRADE — Upgrade your life with tips, tricks, and advice about being a happier and more productive human. ‘The Upgrade’ is a show about finding love on the internet, better living through science and the psychology of tricking yourself into being your best you. Listen here and more on ‘The Upgrade’ at Lifehacker here.
  • SPLITSCREEN — A weekly podcast in which Jason and Kirk talk about video game news and culture, and bring on exciting guests from the world of gaming. Listen here and more on ‘Splitscreen’ at Kotaku here.
  • DEADCAST — In the long-awaited return of their hit podcast show, hosts Tim Marchman and Drew Magary unpack the sports news of the new in signature Deadspin style. Listen here and more on ‘Deadcast’ at Deadspin here.
  • DIRTCAST — A weekly pop-culture breakdown show based on Jezebel’s daily column Dirt Bag. Each week ‘DirtCast’ will break down the biggest celebrity stories, play funny games, and interview experts and novices alike. Hosted by Madeleine Davies along with other Jezebel editors and reporters including Bobby Finger. Listen here and more ‘DirtCast’ at Jezebel here.
  • BIG TIME DICKS — A distinctly Jezebel perspective on politics through an examination of the big time dicks behind the policy affecting our lives. This podcast is an approachable, humorous tour of serious issues. Hosted by Joanna Rothkopf and Prachi Gupta. Listen here and more ‘Big Time Dicks’ at Jezebel here.
  • CONTAINERS — In a special limited 8-part audio documentary, FUSION explores the important, surprisingly and fascinating world of global trade, through the lens of the Port of Oakland. The series, reported by Alexis Madrigal, is sponsored by Flexport. Listen here.
  • THE SERIAL, SERIAL - A podcast about a podcast. Every week, a few Onion Inc. staffers will be talking about an episode of Serial’s hit spinoff, S-Town, another of the most popular and addictive podcasts on iTunes. Listen here and more ‘Serial Serial’ at The A.V. Club here.


Additional podcasts are being developed in conjunction with the editorial teams the Gizmodo Media Group, Onion Inc, and FUSION TV — including new projects from Gizmodo, The Root and The Naked Truth, FUSION TV’s award-winning investigative production team.