Congratulations to FUSION Comics Editor and Contributor Jen Sorensen who has been recognized as a 2017 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in Editorial Cartooning.

The Pulitzer Prize Board highlighted Jen’s “thoughtful and powerful selection of work appearing in a variety of U.S. publications and often challenging the viewer to look beyond the obvious,” .

In 2014 Sorensen, an award-winning political cartoonist, began editing FUSION’s comics coverage in addition to her work as a freelance cartoonist. Check out FUSION’s comics coverage here. And follow @FusionComics on Instagram here.

See an except of the interview Jen did with The Washington Post’s Michael Cavna:

MC: Could you talk about Fusion as an editing endeavor? Alt-weekly cartoonists like yourself, Matt Bors and Dan Perkins have all done double-duty as editorial artists who also edit online cartoon sections. Are you able to do both jobs rather organically — do they feed off each other, support each other — or does it feel like two very different lines of work?

JS: I’ve been editing Fusion’s comics section, called Graphic Culture, since last fall. It overlaps with my regular cartoon somewhat, in that both deal with current events from a socially conscious perspective. So I wouldn’t say it’s a radical departure. What has been different is wearing an editor hat in addition to my usual freelancer hat. We cartoonists like to gripe about editors, with good reason sometimes, but I’m probably a bit more sympathetic to them now.

While we publish some cartoons on Graphic Culture, I’d say the section is more geared toward graphic journalism and other special projects. I do hope to put together more packages like our same-sex marriage roundup by LGBT cartoonists. I really enjoyed editing that — it’s fun bringing these things into the world. And it gives you an excuse to talk with other cartoonists!