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FUSION TV Turns to The Onion to Save It From President Trump's First Address to Congress

FUSION TV will turn to its corporate sibling The Onion to help viewers maintain their collective sanity during President Donald Trump’s first presidential address to Congress.

This marks the latest example of The Onion’s commitment to providing searingly accurate coverage of breaking news events. The Onion will deliver real-time, running commentary throughout the President’s speech and the Democratic response through a series of on-screen graphics.


FUSION’s Nando Vila along with Miriti Murungi and Natasha Del Toro will provide insights and commentary before and after the speeches.

The Onion Presents Trump’s Address to Congress’ will air Tuesday, February 28 @ 9PM on FUSION TV (channel listings). FUSION TV will also stream coverage on its Facebook page, Periscope, and YouTube channel.

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