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FUSION Unveils New On-Air Look, Logo

FUSION today unveiled a brand refresh with a new logo and on-air look. This marks the first time the network has made updated its branding since launch in 2013.


See the note FUSION President Daniel Eilemberg sent to staff this morning:

From: Daniel Eilemberg 
Subject: FUSION’s New Look
To: allfusion


I am excited to announce that today, we are unveiling a brand new look for FUSION. 

This includes the unveiling of our new logo and a reimagined on-air look. We’re rolling this out as we prepare to expand the network’s footprint starting February 28 when FUSION will be available to a broader set of Spectrum customers, growing our reach in major markets like New York and Los Angeles.

We’ve grown a lot since we launched in 2013. Our audience wanted more than just news, so in addition to our award-winning impact programming, we’ve jumped into lifestyle and entertainment programming with a host of new shows currently on-air and in-development.

Our new look is a clean break from who we were and more accurately reflects who we are today: a sharp, youth-focused network that is as diverse as our audience.

As you see our new look roll out, you’ll notice that we prioritize the people our programs are built around. Like so many of our digital brands, FUSION showcases an array of diverse voices that make you laugh, cry, think, act, share, and sometimes just let loose. Our programming puts a spotlight on those who “live out loud”—people unapologetic about who they are and passionate about the journalism, comedy, politics, sports, sex, culture, cars, and more that surrounds them.

You will notice that the new logo aligns more organically with all of our digital brands, something that was important to us as we continue to bring the DNA of our digital portfolio to the network. We replaced the guitar pick-shaped icon and replaced it with with what our designers call the F-Bolt. The F-Bolt will be the icon used as the network bug and across our digital/social platforms. Another small detail: while the network’s color palette will utilize a range of colors, purple will continue to be our primarily brand color, a nod to the independent mindset of our audience. Simultaneous with the new look, we have moved the network’s website to a new URL,

This rebranding project was the result of several months of hard work by our in-house teams who worked with the outside branding agency, Sibling/Rivalry. I want to specifically thank Nikki Baboun and Adrian Saravia, who championed this project, as well as Kent Hernandez, Zach Dade, Alex Izaguirre, Marco Diaz, Chad Christopher, Morten Marthinsen, Omar Chavez, Erendira Mancias, Sergio Rangel and Don Steele who contributed throughout. They all did a great job. 

I’m thrilled we have this fresh, new look for FUSION as we reach more viewers with our growing distribution and exciting new programming. It’s a great way to start a new year.

— Danny


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