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Gizmodo Media Group Intern Graduation (Friends Forever)

They’ll be missed!!
They’ll be missed!!

The Gizmodo Media Group’s summer interns are wrapping up their time at “the best newsroom in the best city in the world.” Executive Managing Editor Alex Dickinson pays tribute to all they contributed to the internet during the summer of 2017... read on...

Subject: Intern Graduation (Friends Forever)

As summer comes to a close, so too does our intern program for 2017, and what a mindblowing success it was!

“It was awesome,” said one intern, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution. “I had fun,” opined another.

At Deadspin, Lauren Theisen worked with Senior Editor Diana Moskovitz to break the story on the NFL’s relationship with law enforcement, and also wrote a brave and thoughtful essay on good reporting.

Over at Splinter, Jordan Rudner covered schemers and schemes including people buying fake ICE gear to impersonate agents and the GOPers who used to hate secret healthcare bills but now love them.

Madison Sherman at The Root got involved early on in video, assisting on a project about the Afro Punk music and arts festival, while also writing several news blogs, including a piece on a Florida prosecutor being racially profiled by police.

Jalopnik got some fiery takes from Allana Akhtar, who riffed on everything from seat belts to acceptable drunk foods to the awful New York City subway.

Zach Ezer got a front seat at one of Gizmodo’s busiest weeks of the year, helping cover San Diego Comic-Con for io9 while also becoming a master of ranked lists.

At Lifehacker, Lily Lou explained why your car’s thermometer is so bad and looked at the different kinds of meal replacement drinks.

Chloe Spencer at Kotaku tackled trends on YouTube, Steam, and Twitch while also flexing her video muscles and publishing ambitious features.

On the analytics team, Dominique Willis established herself as a key contributor to the team’s regular reporting, helped design new reports, and even led a team of Univision interns on a project helping sales come up with creative ways to serve ads on TV.

And in Social and Audience Development, Emily Lipstein focused on social-only #content, creating Instagram stories, slideshows, Twitter polls, and Facebook statuses that drove engagement and gave each of our sites more of a presence on social platforms. (She also authored this great headline!)

As you can see, the talented Class of 2017 made the most of the opportunity working at the best newsroom in the best city in the world and did some truly impressive work!

While it’s not for me to say that this was the best eight weeks in each of their lives, sources with knowledge of their thinking said it definitely was. You’ll see some familiar faces in the office for some time to come. For those continuing on to other exciting opportunities for now, we’ll miss you and keep bloggin’!

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