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Gizmodo Media Group Staff Profile: Fall 2017

Gizmodo Media Group

Six months after first releasing data about the make-up of its staff and newsroom, Gizmodo Media released an updated report that examines the diversity of its global staff.

“This periodic snapshot remains a good way for all of us to feel accountable, both internally and externally, for ​having a staff that reflects the diversity of the audiences we want to serve with our journalism​—all of the record 121 million unique visitors who came to us in September, across our Kinja network,” Gizmodo Media CEO Raju Narisetti noted in his email to staff.


“As it always should be, workplace diversity will remain a work-in-progress and a key priority at GMG—from our paid interns to all our staff hires—and one where we can and should always strive to do even better than how we are collectively doing now,” he concluded.

See the data below:

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