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How We (Fusion Media Group) Do Austin During SXSW

​The diversity of the FMG brands will be will on full display in Austin during SXSW. From parties to premieres to panels, come chill with us:

March 10 | Launch Party for The A.V. Club’s New TV Show

As previously announced, Fusion TV will launch The A.V. Club Hosted By John Teti on March 16 @ 9 p.m. eastern. In celebration of that momentous event, we’re throwing a big, free, fun party during (but not associated with) SXSW Interactive, with special guest DJs Elijah Wood and Zach Cowie, a.k.a. Wooden Wisdom.


The event will take place at Barracuda in Austin (611 E. 7th St.) on Friday, March 10 from 8 p.m until midnight-ish. We’ll spend much of the evening being entertained by a slate of fabulous super-secret comedy guests, interspersed with an introduction to The A.V. Club show by host John Teti, who’ll show clips and talk about the new show.

The evening will end with the triumphant return of DJ duo Wooden Wisdom, a.k.a. actor Elijah Wood and music fiend Zach Cowie, who will spin from their fabulous collections until everyone is tired of dancing. Also: We’ll have food, drink, and swag from the show to give away. RSVP here.

More details on the party here.


March 11 | ​World Premiere of ‘Residente’ During 2017 SXSW Film Festival

After taking a DNA test, Latin America’s most decorated artist – Rene Perez (AKA Residente), embarks on a global adventure, to trace the footsteps of his ancestors and record his latest album.​ The film is a production from Univision Story House. More details on screening here.​


​March 12 ​| The Awesomest Journalism Party Ever VII

For Journalists. By Journalists. By partnering with Hack/Hackers, FUSION (along with some other thoughtful organizations) will provide all the reporters and producers who have descended on Austin with a party to call their own. More details here.


March 12 | Can Amy Schumer & Univision Reduce Gun Violence?

Today content made for film, TV and the web is not just entertainment; it can be a compelling tool for civic engagement and social impact. Content creators are taking up the challenge to use their work to address critical issues, and, through strategic partnerships, these stories are increasingly becoming a part of wider efforts to incite informed dialogue, unite communities and encourage people to take action. With a focus on gun violence prevention, panelists will discuss how their organizations are partnering to use storytelling to drive awareness and social action on one of the most pressing issues of our time. More details on the SXSW panel here.


​March 13 | ​The Onion and The A.V. Club Invade Austin For ‘Just Another Manic Monday’ Party


America’s Finest News Source, The Onion, and pop-culture sister publication, The A.V. Club, return to Austin Monday, March 13 for the greatest SXSW-adjacent party of 2017: Just Another Manic Monday presented by GoDaddy. The free event, held at Mohawk Austin, will feature over a dozen bands performing on two stages throughout the night, including Sylvan Esso, SOHN, Noname, Lizzo, and Mothers. More details on the party​ here.


​March 14-16 | Premiere of Mars 2030 at the SXSW Virtual Cinema

Become part of the first manned science mission to Mars, before it even happens! Visit the awe-inspiring, mysterious red planet and feel the excitement of being an astronaut, 34 million miles from home in a beautiful, realistic and accurately mapped virtual reality. Mars 2030 is a production by FUSION’s VR team. More details here. ​


March 15 | Today of Tomorrow: A ClickHole Tour of the Future

Today is a gorgeous time to know about fun content online. The internet has demolished what we thought was possible, everything is coming true and at last the future is inescapable. But how will the future happen, and when? Join ClickHole’s digital ambassador for a glimpse into what prizes and curses the coming years hold for our industry across the Four Cs of content: creation, consumption, capitalization and pork. More on the SXSW session here.


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