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After 99 years of pondering what the perfect complement to the country’s most popular shaving cream could be, a light bulb went off at Barbasol: Razors. Being just shy of 100, Barbasol decided to add another 30 years of experience onto its team to help bolster the expansion of its shaving empire by joining forces with The Onion. The award-winning creative content agency at America’s Finest News Source, Onion Labs, has been named the creative advertising agency of record for Barbasol.

Generations of men have trusted Barbasol to look and feel their best during life’s greatest moments making this expansion a complete “no brainer.” Leveraging its comedic expertise, Onion Labs and Barbasol will take a look at other “no brainer” moments, both big and small, throughout history.


“We have long believed that advertising is the true bedrock of any first-world economy—that’s why we entered this most sacred arena—and we are able to help brands stand out by injecting a smart, comedic approach into everything we do,” said Julie Scott, General Manager of Onion Labs. “Our partners at Barbasol let us play into the obviousness of a brand like theirs expanding into razors, which allows us to create smart content—not just ads—that audiences will actually want to watch and engage with.”

The entertaining campaign will stretch across broadcast TV, radio and digital as it looks to raise awareness of Barbasol Razors amongst fans of the iconic shaving cream. The campaign kicked off this month in conjunction with the brand’s sponsorship of Major League Baseball. Watch ads here.

“Our recent marketing efforts with Onion Labs help support the obvious evolution into razors for the Barbasol brand and we wanted to tell that story in a fun and engaging way,” said John Price, President of Perio, Inc. “Feedback on our new line of products has been very positive and we’re excited to share our story with even more consumers in this new campaign.”

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