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ClickHole, your destination for the most clickable, irresistibly shareable content anywhere on the internet, today unveiled a brand new, must-see series that will answer every major question you’ve ever had about the natural world: Do volcanoes exist? What even happens to our bodies when we’re f**king? And can you sell your teeth online for cash?


Prepare to have your knowledge receptors jammed with facts on ClickHole’s ‘Learn Attack.’ The five-part video series is an absurd, fast-paced satirical take on the genre of educational YouTube shows like ‘SciShow’ and ‘Crash Course,’ presenting an off-the-rails explainer series where a fact-obsessed host breaks down a variety of scientific topics. Check out a preview below.

All five episodes are available Monday, March 6 on Versions of the episodes will be featured across ClickHole’s social channels throughout the week. Click us at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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