Mike McAvoy is the CEO and President of Onion Inc. and in 2016 he added oversight of FMG’s integrated sales operation. Mike recently spoke to Digiday about how the consolidation of FUSION TV, Gizmodo Media Group, and Onion Inc. under one roof has helped monetize the consolidated audience. “The Onion was a 30 million unique site, which is a good size, but doesn’t have the same reach as some of the competitors. Now, we’re bigger than our competitors” (check out more on FMG’s millennial reach here).

“The investment thesis behind Fusion Media Group was there are changing demographics in America, and there are brands that are multicultural or inherently young. They were looking for a bunch of assets that had young audiences, that weren’t competing with each other and appeal to advertisers in a way that you could have a solution in every key category.” — Mike McAvoy, Executive Vice President of Sales for Fusion Media Group

Throughout the interview Mike weighed in on the impact of consolidation in digital media, the value of different types of video content, and the growth of FMG’s branded content business as well as the role satire plays in the age of Trump.

Check out the full interview at Digiday here.