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New FUSION Doc Examines Social and Political Forces of the Internet That Bolstered Alt-Right in the Age of Trump

In a new documentary premiering days before the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s Inauguration, FUSION teams up with author Angela Nagle to examine the social and political forces that have emboldened white nationalists during the age of Trump.

“Trumpland: Kill All Normies” premieres Tuesday, January 16 @ 8PM. Find out where to watch here.


The brazenly racist displays of the alt-right, which exploded into the nation’s consciousness with the violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, have coincided closely with the campaign and election of Donald Trump. In her book, “Kill All Normies,” author Angela Nagle has documented the rise of this racist, misogynistic movement, and the left’s role in provoking it. What we saw play out in the streets of Charlottesville, she believes, is the culmination of a years-long battle of subcultures between a form of online left-wing puritanism and right-wing nihilism, both shaped by the system of rewards and punishments that are built into modern social media platforms.

“Trumpland: Kill All Normies” is a follow-up to the Emmy-nominated documentary “The Naked Truth: Trumpland,” which profiled the people that fueled the Trump candidacy, letting them explain how they got where they are.

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