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What would it take to create a realistic simulation of what life on Mars would be like for 1 million humans? That is the goal of HP Mars Home Planet, a new project that FUSION will be collaborating on.

Developed by HP and Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), the project will bring together some of the world’s greatest minds to explore humanity’s future on Mars in VR.


This global immersive media collaboration unites engineers, architects, designers, artists, and students who—with the direction of Technicolor—will design an urban area for 1 million people on Mars in a VR environment.

The community of co-creators will use Unreal Engine to develop a virtual environment that will provide a realistic simulation of what life on Mars could be like for 1 million people. The environment will build on the terrain contained in FUSION’s Mars 2030 VR experience, which is based on research, images, and expertise that the FUSION team has garnered from its partnership with NASA.

Partners on the HP Mars Home Planet include NVIDIA, Technicolor Experience Center, Unreal Engine, FUSION, Autodesk, and HTC Vive. Full details about the project will be announced at SIGGRAPH 2017.

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