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Over the past year, Nelufar Hedayat and the production team behind the FUSION documentary series “The Traffickers” have been repeatedly honored and recognized for their reporting.

Crossing the globe from Asia to Africa, the Americas and Europe, journalist Nelufar Hedayat went under the radar and just out of sight in 21 countries to track down thriving black marketplaces for “The Traffickers.” The series put a spotlight on a world of profit-driven dealers, compliant middlemen, bribe-taking officials, poachers and smugglers who move enormous amounts of money.


“The Traffickers” was honored with the International Affairs Award by the Association of International Broadcasters. The 2017 AIBs–the international awards for factual content organised by the Association for International Broadcasting. The AIBs are firmly established as an important and well-respected annual competition for broadcasters and content producers the world over.

The AIB judging panel noted: “The depth of research and investigative efforts in the field marked out The Traffickers from Fusion as the winner in this category. The first-rate story-telling by the lively and expressive next-gen host who is clearly in control of her topic and her craft made this series stand out, said one of the judges. The scope of the stories covered – both thematically and geographically – is impressive, said another judge. Less obvious, but extremely valuable for editorial integrity, is the engagement with local journalists in telling the stories. The subjects covered were bold, and the production values were high, all combining to deliver a winning series that makes the audience think and, perhaps, take action.”

Hedayat recognized with a Gracie Award by the Alliance for Women in Media and was named Journalist of the Year by the Asian Media Awards 2017. The Asian Media Awards also honored the series with the Best Investigation Award.

The second installment of the series “Killed for a Horn” was a finalist in the Edward J. Meeman Award for Environmental Reporting at the Scripps Howard Awards 2017. The One World Media Awards shortlisted the “Dark Side of Adoption” report for the Best Documentary Award and the “Fake Pharma” report in for the Corruption Reporting Award. Nelufar, Lottie Gammon and Stefano Pozzebon were finalists in the Livingston Awards for Excellence in International Reporting.


Beyond the various awards and nominations, the series has had impact globally. The “Dark Side of Adoption” report was used as evidence in the Italian Senate in a case against an international adoption agency accused of trafficking children. As a result of her reporting in the “Organs for Sale” episode Nelufar was invited to the Vatican, to the Summit of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ as a signatory on the Resolution on Organ Trafficking, which has recently been ratified by the Council of Europe.

“The Traffickers” was produced by Lightbox and FUSION. Executive producers are Simon Chinn, Jonathan Chinn, Sam Collyns for Lightbox and Keith Summa, Daniel Eilemberg and Isaac Lee for FUSION. Suzanne Lavery serves as co-executive producer.


Nelufar Hedayat and the production team behind “The Traffickers” are currently in production for a new documentary series that will air on FUSION in 2018.


Nelufar Hedayat is an award-winning British journalist and TV host who has worked across the BBC, Channel 4 and The Guardian covering breaking news, live events and in depth investigations in some of the world’s most hostile environments. Having fled war-torn Afghanistan as a child herself, Nelufar’s work has often focused on cultural upheaval experienced by women, children and families in conflict ridden societies.

In the six years she worked for the BBC, Nelufar presented, co-produced and wrote documentaries for television, including Shot for Going to School, where she secured Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala’s first television interview, and Music, Money & Hip Hop Honeys for BBC Three. She’s also made radio documentaries on Afghan child suicide bombers for Radio 4 and on faith and marriage for BBC 1xtra. Nelufar’s first film for the BBC, Women War Weddings and Me, was broadcast internationally to critical acclaim and went on to win a Broadcast Digital Award for Best Current Affairs’ Programme and was nominated for a Grierson Award. Nelufar was also a regular presenter on the popular children’s program Newsround for CBBC and has worked on flagship news programs like BBC Radio 4’s Today and BBC2’s Newsnight.


In 2014 Nelufar joined Channel 4’s flagship foreign affairs series, Unreported World, where her shocking report on the unregulated trade in dog meat in Vietnam, nearly broke their Twitter account. In her next Unreported World film, Nelufar went on location in Karachi joining the health workers who risk their lives every day to vaccinate children against polio in Pakistan. The Taliban actively target and kill polio health workers for immunizing children. This was nominated for Best Investigation in the Asian Media Awards as well as earning Nelufar a nomination for Journalist of the Year. Nelufar writes regularly for the investigative online magazine focusing on the hidden and not so beautiful world of the fashion and beauty industry and has written for The Mirror and Guardian. Nelufar speaks four languages including Farsi, Hindi and Dari.

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