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Reports by FUSION, Gizmodo Recognized by Society of American Business Editors and Writers

The Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) announced that two report by FMG editorial teams will be recognized during its 22nd annual Best in Business Awards, which recognizes outstanding stories published or aired in 2016. The 112 winners and honorable mentions were derived from 946 entries.

Kashmir Hill was recognized with an honorable mention in the ‘Technology - Medium’ category for her FUSION report “How an Internet Mapping Glitch Turned a Random Kansas Farm Into a Digital Hell.”


The judges said: “Hill gets a nod for a delightful tech mystery that she helped track down and fix. Residents of a remote farm in Kansas couldn’t figure out why they were accused of criminal activities and harassed by angry people and law enforcement officials for a decade, until Hill decided to investigate. New technology coupled with good old-fashioned reporting skills led her to the offender: an internet mapping glitch! The company, which hadn’t even realized it was responsible for the problem, agreed to take corrective measures that would finally bring respite to the people on the Kansas farm and other places affected by a similar problem.”

Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez also received an honorable mention in the ‘Technology - Small’ category for his report “Facebook’s Identity Crisis.”

The judges noted “Gizmodo’s series of stories on alleged bias appearing on Facebook’s news feed and on how Facebook treats its contract news editors stood out for its exceptional original reporting and scope. While we may never know the real impact that the social-media platform had on voters’ perceptions, no one can deny that it played an important role in the 2016 election and will continue to have an impact going forward. Gizmodo surfaced deep concerns and details about bias on the Facebook news feed that resulted in the company’s leadership having to address them publicly and make internal changes to its processes. Since 1 billion people use Facebook and pay attention to its feed, Gizmodo’s reporting impacted much more than the company, and deserves to be rewarded for its journalism.”

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