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The Deadline Club, New York City’s chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists, recently announced the 2018 finalists for the Deadline Club Awards with both Splinter and Gizmodo being recognized.


Splinter was named a finalist in two categories: Emma Eisenberg’s story “I am a Girl Now” was recognized in the Newspaper or Digital Feature Reporting category and Romina Ruiz-Goiriena and Stephen Yang’s piece “The Florida Migrant Town FEMA Forgot” in the Minority Focus category.

Gizmodo was named a finalist in the Newspaper or Digital Enterprise Reporting category for a report by Jennings Brown “The Last of the Iron Lungs.”

The Deadline Club’s Journalism Awards is one of the most prestigious in the city. Entries are judged on fairness, balance, and accuracy; thoroughness, timeliness and clarity; news language and technical skills exhibited; enterprise, resourcefulness and obstacles overcome; effort involved in preparation; and the story’s interest and importance to the public.

See a full list of finalists here.

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