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Today Marks the Beginning of a New Era as ClickHole Launches 'PatriotHole' Show Hosted by Doug Baxter

Today PatriotHole (@PatriotHole) is announcing a critical expansion with the premiere of a namesake news show hosted by Doug Baxter (@PatriotHoleDoug)–a loud and enraged right-wing ideologue, as paranoid as he is confident.

PatriotHole’s digital series is the Internet’s loudest source for the truth about leftist plots against legal president Donald Trump, the evil schemes of the Clinton Foundation, and the constant threat of bug-eyed pedophiles lurking behind every corner. The mainstream media has a new worst enemy… and his name is Doug Baxter.

“There is a sickness in our world. I feel it. Folks, I feel it right now. It makes me want to throw up. And it does make me throw up. And I know I’m not the only one throwing up. Millions of Americans are throwing up all over the place all the time. Because we are so goddamn sick! Sick of the globalists, and the antifas, and the Clintons, and the lying mainstream media. Luckily, there is a cure for this sickness. And it’s called truth. That’s why I’m launching ‘PatriotHole.’ To bring sick Americans the truth they deserve, and a whole bunch of nutritional supplements and other products available now on the PatriotHole store!” — Doug Baxter


Watch the first installment here:

For three years, ClickHole has brought you the most viral content from all over the internet. Last November, ClickHole heard a shout. A loud shout in ALL CAPS from Real America. ClickHole listened to that shout, and then decided it could make money off of that shout. That’s why in May 2017, it launched PatriotHole: the internet’s last stand against the tyranny of the Leftist Media. 

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