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Why Should We Care About Going to Mars? New FUSION TV Doc 'The Expedition: Mars 2030' Explores the Answer

Why is it important to go to Mars? FUSION TV seeks to answer that question with its new documentary ‘The Expedition: Mars 2030.’ History has shown that space exploration can expand technology, further our understanding of the universe, and foster peaceful connections among nations — but will question whether future generations make space exploration a priority. We hope to inspire them with the premiere of ‘The Expedition: Mars 2030’ April 27 @ 9PM on FUSION TV (channel listings).

The documentary features interviews with experts at NASA, as well as leaders and influencers throughout the space industry including Tom DeLonge, founding member of Blink-182 and To The Stars, inc.; Naveen Jain, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Moon Express; Cady Coleman, a former NASA Astronaut; Jason Crusan, Director of Advanced Exploration Systems at NASA; and Jim Greene, Director of Planetary Sciences at NASA.


‘The Expedition: Mars 2030’ features an original soundtrack composed by Grammy Award Winner, Julio Reyes Copello, and additional music composed by Angels and Airwaves, courtesy of To The Stars.

This documentary precedes the release of FUSION’s first immersive VR production, Mars 2030, which will be available to consumers this summer. Users will set foot on the Red Planet and take in 15 square miles (40 square kilometers) of Martian landscape, accurately mapped and modeled from real-world orbital satellite data. The VR production has been developed in collaboration with NASA.

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